Blinds hanging in the window or skylight roof require side rails, cables or tension to hold them in place, because without them they would just hang vertically, ruled out using normal curtains or blinds.

You can also choose Skylights & Roof Windows to allow both light and fresh air into the space.

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However, most of the roof window or skylight shaft in the middle when opened will be inhibited by the normal blind mounted on the outer frame. They had to sit in the belt opening to allow them to be opened in his place.


Curtain is flat and will close all the daylight, some noise (i.e. traffic, rain) and some of the heat. Blackout curtains are made to measure and fit the internal frame on the side of the aluminum.

Roller roof:

Providing the cheapest option for roof windows or skylights, roller blinds rely on the tension stayed tight in the window frame and held in place by one side of the wood chips or nailed in pegs / clips which secure the blind in position.


Probably the most expensive type of blind for roof windows and skylights, Venetian blind is certainly the most interesting that you can use.

The real advantage of using blinds is that you can position and still manipulate blind slat angle, giving great flexibility in how much light you allow into a room.