Fingerprint recognition based attendance recording system and employee attendance management has a wide variety of applications for rugged industrial usages. It has been seamlessly integrated with Mifare & RFID technologies.

The wide applications with biometrics include the complete elimination of time theft in a working environment, multi-use of a machine while arranging it in various operating modes such as an only finger, finger pin, and finger card.

The variety of applications with biometric security and attendance includes automated time clock machine, physical systems such as iris scanner, facial recognition, hand geometry, criminal identification, fingerprint technology and more.

Identification and authentication of people with access control are available via a number of different methods. The biometric fingerprint enrollment solution scans and registers fingerprint templates with personal details. It uses USB based technology with fingerprint reader module and attendance system.

Electronic detection with metal detectors is an effective attendance system device for security inspection, noble metal detection, etc. A building management system comprises of a combination of access control devices such as fire alarms, remote monitoring, gas detection, fire detection, and resource management monitoring.

The multi-state applications with biometric security and attendance device include forensic data management, personal data management, electronically personalized id card, desktop or network security, fingerprint verification, time & attendance system, etc.

Typically, a payroll software program is sold separately from a time clock. Thankfully, many systems are made in a universal format, such that they can often work together correctly. Use this article as a guide for how to choose the right time clock software to work with your payroll software.

If you navigate the site- you'll find the wide range of time clocks available is quite large. So before purchasing the time clock software make sure you find the one that is appropriate for your business. First, think about your requirements and what type of information you would like to import from the time clock into your payroll system.

For example, if you have simple time tracking requirements, you may need to import just the employee abbreviation, date, hours, and earning code.

For more advanced requirements, you may need to also track things like a profit center, department, work shift, payment defaults, expense accounts, pieces, etc. This all depends on your business.

After determining the type of detail you would like to capture, it's time to select the time clock. Determine the type of time capture tool appropriate for your needs and research manufacturers/distributors that offer the desired time clock solution. Here are a few examples of different types of tools that are available:

  • Electronic Time Clocks. Choices include: Punch pad for employees to enter information, Card swipe (each employee has an employee identification card used to swipe), or Biometric (thumb or hand scan identifier
  • Mobile/Handheld time capture devices (for capturing time/pieces at external locations
  • Time Capture Software (computer-based tracking)
  • Web-based time tracking tool