Over the past decade, the practice of teeth bleaching, in the dental clinic and at home evolved drastically. In essence, there are many ways to achieve whiter teeth one of which is dental (in-office) teeth whitening, as well as an at-home solution. Learn about a few secrets of whiter teeth that the dentist wishes that I don't divulge! Teeth whitening in Scarborough can also be found online at eglintonsquaredental.com/our-services/cosmetic-dentistry.



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The first method is a DENTAL (IN-OFFICE) Teeth WHITENING

I can inform you that I have firsthand experience. dentists adore patients who want to undergo a teeth-whitening procedure done in their dental office. In the early '90s, there was just one option.

The dentist will make molds from your tooth, then send them to a lab for 5-10 days, and then get your custom-fitted teeth-whitening dental mouthpiece. You would then be in the chair for around 1-2 hours using these dental whitening molds containing peroxide (at very low levels) applied to your gums and teeth.

Today, the most well-known dental office procedure for teeth whitening is known as Laser Bleaching (or Power Bleaching, Argon Bleaching, etc.) is a less time-consuming process. The basic procedure for whitening your teeth involves the application of the gel with a high concentration of peroxide into your teeth. 

During the remainder of the time, you're in a dental chair, your mouth opens while lighting (usually the argon) is reflected onto the teeth whitening gel, which reacts chemically with the peroxide, completing the process of whitening your teeth within the shortest as you can.



With time, the color of our teeth may change, thus it is important to find ways to reverse or change these effects by purchasing expensive teeth-whitening goods, like pastes, gels, strips. The professional teeth whitening treatment can make your pale looking teeth white.

When there are endless procedures to test out, it becomes important to consult an expert. It's simple to visit a drugstore and purchase products that claim to whiten teeth, but it is not so simple to observe effects. 

Cosmetic dentistry demands a stiff schedule to ensure the desired result. While we presume the home improvement version will save money and time, its consequences are far less noticeable than people from seeing your own personal dentist. 


We are all different; everybody's level of tooth discoloration changes. Several people are more or less likely to trigger, but to be able to be certain of what is affecting your specific discoloration and also how to take care of it, you need to locate an experienced dentist. 

Dentists are educated on the chemical remedies, bleaches, and teeth whitening which are most appropriate. A single kind of therapy might not function just like another, which explains why it's important to look for qualified assistance.