The term "sales funnel" refers to a set of products you develop or they could be affiliate products. But, they are all the products that form included in the funnel. To improve your marketing ROI, you can search for an effective sales funnel strategy online.

What is a sale funnel?

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What happens now is that a huge number of people are eager to pay for something to learn more about you, whether it's a free item or a low-cost item. They can get to know you and gain a sense of who you are without putting themselves at any risk.

Once they have purchased or downloaded a free item or an inexpensive item, then you can begin to introduce them to higher-priced items of yours. 

Once they have had the opportunity to download one of your products, read your products, and get a feel for your quality, then a certain percentage of them are going to be willing to continue to spend money to buy more products.

Now honestly, some people are going to see… or when they read your product, they are not going to be impressed, and they are perhaps not going to want to purchase something else in the future, and that's ok. 

This is the screening process. The reason that we call it a sales funnel is that the process itself kind of looks like a funnel, if you can imagine a funnel with a large opening at the very beginning, and the funnel becomes smaller and smaller until it ends very small at the other end.