Some people who saw the refrigerator leak went crazy. Oftentimes, they think their fridge is badly damaged and they just need to buy a new one as soon as possible. 

Problems that can cause a refrigerator to leak include a broken fridge seal or door, leaks in the drain pan, clogged drain lines, and leaks in the ice maker. A damaged refrigerator can be fixed if you buy commercial refrigeration gaskets via

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Most likely the problem will be identified and fixed on-site immediately. Here are the basic steps for fixing a leaky refrigerator:-

1) Check the refrigerator from the inside out. Try to look for leaks and make sure the source of the leak is clearly located. In most cases, the refrigerator should be placed on the wall. It will be easier to remove the refrigerator with the wheels on it. If there are no wheels, ask someone to help you move the refrigerator.

2) Check the door seal. Check around the door for any crumbs or other material stuck between the fridge frame and the rubber gasket that is holding the gasket in place. This can melt frozen materials and cause condensation. Use soap and a rag to remove unwanted crumbs and to clean and cover the surface of the grid.

3) If there is no problem with the rubber seal, the refrigerator must be tilted back. Do it with the help of an assistant. Check from an oblique angle. This could be the cause of the problem. To ensure a tight seal, the refrigerator should be turned slightly. After the refrigerator is tilted, screw the forelegs if necessary.