Public adjusters and attorneys warn the public that insurance companies have their lawyers fighting for them. You need an attorney to represent you. There is however a significant difference between an attorney and a PA.

Why would a property owner choose to have a PA instead of an attorney? Public adjusters claim they are better at handling claims than attorneys. While this may be true in certain cases, as some public adjusters have extensive claims experience, many others do not.

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One thing is certain: all attorneys have extensive legal training. Public adjusters are not authorized to file lawsuits or litigate claims that cannot be settled. Here are some guidelines for those who are thinking of hiring a public adjustment.

1. What is the background and training of adjusters?

2. Which cases were successful? Are there any references?

3. Are there any complaints that have been filed against the firm or adjuster?

Before you hire a public adjuster, find out the position of your insurance company. You are required to assist in the settlement of your claim if you are an insured. You may be able to resolve your claim without paying a percentage to an attorney or public adjuster.