I can't help but continue to remain optimistic about the new possibilities for entrepreneurs with crowdfunding investment. A crowdfunded start-up could range in the spectrum of business from local shops and restaurant owners, for the film project, to construction, to technology companies, and many more.

In an interesting twist to the marketing plan, your best customers will become your crowdfunding investors. Talk about brand loyalty! People can now invest in themselves and community members will share in the upside.

Furthermore, the business start-up and/or spin-off rarely have the support of the banking or investment community today. Money follows money, but how do you get the first round of investors to jump?

Conducting a salary increase the initial capital through crowdfunded offers, and you are now generating interest among angel, VC, and bankers, to follow the capital. Lots of interesting things here, but also a lot of rules to learn and navigate, all be coming for the rest of this year before the crowdfunding portal can be launched.

Identity of the board of company directors, officers and current investors who hold more than 20% of the company

  • A business description
  • A business plan
  • Finance companies
  • Disclosure of how the business will use the funds
  • Target offers a number

Information regarding the ownership and capital structure of the issuer additional information such as the SEC may require under the rules it should prepare the JOBS Act.