Sports takes on a significant role in contemporary society. It is both for entertainment purposes and also raising physical fitness and health. For children it teaches teamwork and contains a lot of life lessons concerning winning and losing. Regretably, sports involvement carries a variety of negative aspects. Cheating and drug use to improve results could happen. Sports injuries can also happen. Even for a straightforward sport such as running, close to a half of runners can usually get an injury every year. The medical discipline of sports medicine has developed to manage sport injuries to help keep people in sports activity rather than stopping as a consequence of an injury. If more and more people could be kept in sport the more those individuals and society generally will reap the rewards which sports activities engagement will bring.

Each clinical speciality contains a sports medicine subspecialty due to the experience that are needed to deal with sports athletes. Podiatry has the speciality called podiatric sports medicine. Within this discipline podiatry practitioners are active in managing and also prevention of sports injuries in a number of sports. They use a variety of treatment techniques to manage a wide range of different injuries. Considered one of the original podiatrists who had been active in sports medicine and brought popularity to the speciality was Dr Steven Subotnick, DPM. He is known as the ‘running foot doctor’ as he wrote a book by the same name. He was recently interviewed on the Facebook livestream, PodChatLive around his experiences in the early days of podiatric sports medicine. PodChatLive is a monthly livestream in which the hosts speak to and chat with a unique expert in each edition. The video of every edition is on YouTube and also the audio edition is additionally on the traditional podcast networks. During the live with Steven Subotnick they talked over his views on podiatric sports medicine and also highlighted the history to where we are at this time and the way we got here. Dr Subotnick furthermore talked about numerous invaluable clinical pearls based on all his many years of sports medicine practice.