An estimated 260,000 carpal tunnel surgery performed each year in NY. However, in the initial disorder, CTS is reversible. Unfortunately, if left untreated, over time insulating the nerves can wear away, and permanent nerve damage can occur resulting in the need for surgery.

There are several physical therapy treatments to treat CTS. Whatever the method again choosing a physical therapist, the main goal is to relieve pressure on the median nerve and to reduce the amount of swelling, inflammation, damage and scar tissue in the patient's wrist and carpal tunnel. You can also look for New York physical therapy centers online.

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With heal tissue damage in and around the carpal tunnel, we can minimize the possibility of pain, loss of motion, atrophy, and loss of grip strength and hand control.

Treatments for carpal tunnel:

Splint: A detachable wrist splint (brace) is usually the first course of action in the treatment. The splint is able to keep the wrist in a neutral corner without applying any force on the carpal tunnel, which lowers the pressure on the nerves in the wrist.

Cold Compression Therapy: Wraps cold compression therapy has an active temperature exchange unit that maintains a cool temperature and compression to the wrist, which immediately reduces swelling and helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Low-Level Laser Therapy: A recent study published by the National Center for Biotechnology indicates that low-level laser therapy significantly increases grip strength, function and pain in patients with carpal tunnel lowered.