Many people are mentally ill. However, they don't realize the signs and are often trapped in severe mental depression. Every October 10, mental health awareness day, is celebrated to raise awareness. 

This day is commemorated to raise alertness regarding mental health issues in general. It is organized by the World Mental Health Federation, which is supported by WHO.

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Encourage people to discuss this issue and their feelings about it. Talking about everything can help people maintain good health. It is better to talk about everything with someone they trust than to keep it all inside. 

According to research, most people suffering from this condition are caused by stress at work. MNC's have organized get-together trips and exercise areas in their offices to help people relax. For employees' relaxation, some companies have built swimming pools. These are all things that have led people to start to notice and to seek solutions.

We don't pay enough attention to mental illness and mental disorders. It is possible to lose your mental balance if it is not addressed immediately. This is why we need to raise awareness about mental health so people can identify their issues immediately and get the professional help they need to overcome this illness.

It doesn't matter if it is children or adults; it can happen to anyone. That's why counselors have been appointed to schools to help children. These people are all trained in child psychology to be able to understand the difficulties faced by children. It is best to get the professional help of psychologists immediately if the adult's condition is severe. It is possible that it will be too late if you don't give immediate attention.