If you browse the large internet for designs on t-shirts with music and gifts relating to music, or for musicians, you're going to see many designs. It's very easy to get overwhelmed and then log off and go to the local music shop to purchase the same music-related gift that you buy for each year. 

Today, with the field of music undergoing radical changes overnight, one can never imagine what would top the hit list tomorrow. As the field changes rapidly, cool music T-shirts also have to follow at the same speed. This is because each opera t shirt has to reflect the latest trends of modern music if they are to capture the attention of music fans. 

Of all the designs I've observed, this one stands out as the torch of gold on the Statue of Liberty. It's a beacon illumination for all of us looking for the perfect music gift to OUR musicians that is sure to last forever. 

It takes the bare bones of the scale of music and pushes it back with sharp humor and speaks to everything you can think of regarding music all in one one-two punch.

You can find it on a t-shirt or mug, or as stickers, underwear, or even a notebook. It's the ideal gift for musicians.