As you stepped into the morning mist, you couldn't help but look up and see the towering metal giants. Like most machines, high-quality crawler crane are designed for a very specific task.

While every machine part is a must-have for any large construction project, the crawler has become a symbol of the construction site.

A crawler crane is a crane that is mounted on a series of moving rails or chains. The rugged design allows parts to be mounted on a crane and heavy loads can float hundreds of meters in the air.

Height forks can be added and these will be recognizable for these cranes – especially those not currently under construction. It is capable of lifting 40 to 3500 tons of material.

This not only makes your contribution to a project necessary, but also saves time. Well-trained crane crews can lift or move loads with exceptional accuracy.

However, there are some drawbacks to crawlers. First, it's massive and very heavy. Transportation to and from work sites can be expensive as it usually results in machine breakdowns. Once installed, although it is easy enough to move with a strong and stable chassis.

The crane can also be installed with a variety of crane parts including buckets, hooks, handles and many other special accessories. This makes a powerful crane a useful and versatile piece of equipment.