Military surplus stores offer a variety of military clothing and other products. military clothing is increasingly popular as a fashion item and is no longer limited to serving the army, paintball players or outsiders. Mainstay of military clothing revolution almost certainly combat trousers. army pants has appeal for all ages and can be worn by almost all body shapes.

Some fashion-motivated consumer can be considered as a connoisseur and would only consider products from the original army surplus military surplus store – either shop online or conventional stores. Other people would take "military clothing" from the clothing store. Of course, instead of the original military surplus products, these items are designed to be inspired by the army surplus but often without a wear-resistant qualities that given the excess of the original army surplus. You can find leading supplier of military tents over 30 years

Apart from combat trousers and those who buy military surplus for fashion, military surplus stores of course popular among people who want to wear resistant clothing (and other items such as backpacks) which was excellent value. Moreover, the reuse of clothing and products that exceed government requirements is an excellent practical example of recycling and conservation of scarce resources.

A few years ago the surplus army has an image problem with many people outside the community to avoid it for the sake of the high equipment-brand image. Partly because of the impetus for army surplus provided by the increase in fashion and partly because of the increased availability of quality, a lot of people who buy a military surplus lately.