Here are three steps to starting a mindful diet:

Adjusting to the Physical Properties of Food – Adjusting to the physical properties of food requires your three senses: smell, taste and sight. With smell, you absorb the aroma of the food.

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Notice how it smells, is it a pleasant smell? Take note of what taste is in your mouth and whether it suits your taste. Pay attention to how it tastes in your mouth and whether you like the texture.

What does it look like at a glance? Is that interesting to you? Use your mind's eye to imagine how you might enjoy what you eat.

Be prepared for repetitive eating habits and processes – Watch your daily diet. Be careful what time you eat and what activities you do that can lead to wasted eating.

This includes watching TV while eating, eating at your desk while writing an email, or standing over the sink to put food in your mouth.

 Also pay attention to who is still present at the meal and what they can eat; sometimes we like to be accompanied and eat just because someone else is eating or participating.

Be prepared for meaningless eating triggers – there are certain habits, activities, places, emotions, and people that can trigger your eating habits and make you eat when you're not even aware of them.