Charge entry is the process by which you enter valid medical billing information and assign diagnostic codes, procedural codes, and modifiers before submitting a vision plan or health insurance claim. Attention to detail and accurate data entry is critical to enabling your practice to collect maximum reimbursement, reduce payment denials, and increase profitability.

A single mistake can result in a claim being rejected, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost sales. Failure to make a medical claim can also create conflict or damage your patient-care provider relationship. So, use proper software for the medical billing process. You can also hop over to this link to seek help for medical billing services.

Charge entry is one of the most important steps in the medical billing cycle where the claims are created. A complete revenue cycle management (RCM) solution that includes an efficient charge entry process eliminates worrying about entering error-free patient demographics before you file vision plans and medical insurance claims.

Don’t delay entering charges during the charge entry process; post charges the same day you provide the services to the patient. The longer you wait to post charges, the longer it takes to file a medical claim or bill the patient.

For instance, if your biller who is posting the charges overlooks a charge marked on an encounter form, or the doctor forgets to indicate all the charges on the encounter, this will cause future problems with your medical billing.