Did you know that 69% of students fail math? This means that your kid has almost seven out of 10 chances of getting an F on his report card for Mathematics and related subjects. A phenomenon called Math Anxiety is a real condition that millions of students need to deal with. These students experience real panic. One way that parents have been able to help their children cope with their math anxiety is by hiring a tutor.

Online lessons are primarily carried out through computer-mediated communications, the math tutor assigned to your kid is still a primary factor in whether your child will get the most out of the sessions or not. As such, it is important for parents to know how to select the perfect tutor for their child and how to deal with the tutor as the program is ongoing. You can also surf the web to find the best maths tutor in Perth.

Here are a few of the criteria that you need to keep in mind when looking for a math tutor.

Good communication skills

Proficiency in numbers does not equate to good communication skills. Since online math tutorial sessions are conducted in a virtual environment, the tutor you should choose for your kid should have exceptional communications skills to bridge the physical gap between the tutor and your kid.

Sensitivity to student needs

The math tutor that you choose should be attentive enough to his student’s needs. Most of the time, the primary obstacle that your child faces is not their ability to learn math. It’s their mental and emotional state during their lessons online. Ask the tutor you’re considering about his experience with kids, how he deals with difficult situations, and motivates his students.