Long cardigans are a great option for winter. There are many styles of cardigans to choose from. Here are some I recommend.

Cardigan long coat

A long arm cardigan coat is a cardigan that is longer than normal. The cardigan is usually very thin. The cardigan drapes well and allows you to show your curves. The cardigan coat is a bit different. It is made from a thicker material. 

This coat can be worn by women living in warmer areas. This coat can be worn in Spring and Fall by women living on the east coast or in colder climates. This cardigan coat is extremely soft. It wraps more tightly around your body than regular coats. It feels much better than a regular coat because it is flexible and soft.

Wrap your long cardigan in a long cardigan

Cardigan wraps are basically cardigans that have a longer front. They can be tied around the body as a wrap. This cardigan can be worn in a normal manner, or wrapped around your body to keep it warm. 

It looks completely different if you tie it around your body. You can also leave it hanging if you prefer. This wrap is available in many stores, including Nordstrom's, BCBG, and Bebe. It is often found in trendy stores.

Long, chunky cardigan

The chunky long cardigan is one last style. You can wear this type of jacket. This coat often has a built-in tie at the center, which allows you to tie your cardigan around the waist. This makes the cardigan look more flattering. Because it has more details, such as the tie, a chunky cardigan can be a bit more costly than regular cardigans.