It is easy to have a lush green lawn. First, you need to choose the right grass for your soil and climate. You will then need to maintain your lawn with regular, scheduled maintenance, such as mowing, watering and weed control.

A sharp grass mower blade will give you a neater cut. To avoid heat, it is a good idea to mow in the morning and late at night. To achieve a deeper root system and stronger roots, you should mow your lawn at the correct height. Bagging grass clippings is not recommended as they will be natural fertilizers once they are broken down. 

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It is a good idea to mow your lawn in stages if the grass is too tall. Cutting more than half the length of the grass will shock it. Do not mow your lawn if it is still wet. A lawn should be watered with about an inch of water to reach the roots. This can be done at least twice per week depending on where you live. This will not only keep the grass healthy, but also encourages root growth. 

Sprinkler systems are the best way to ensure that your lawn does not dry out between watering. Spring and fall are the best seasons for fertilizing your lawn. There are two options, you can either buy soil enhancers from home improvement shops, or you can create your own compost heap with lawn clippings and raked leaves.