Israeli measures about 290 miles long and 85 miles wide at its widest point. Jordan is right next to the east. It is the power of Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea is to the west.

Israel has a very rich history. It is known by several names such as Land of Israel, Zion, Palestine, the Promised Land, and the Holy Land. Israel knew it was mostly as another name, the Land. One of the oldest history book, the Bible, share in detail about the founding of this nation. One can get to know more about helicopter tours in Israel through an online search. 


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Jewish lineage traced back to Abraham. He is a person who shares that only one God exists. In the Bible, they live in the land of Canaan. Later, it was called the Land of Israel.

The people of Israel today continue doing the same things that started in the past. For example, they still speak the same language and share the same culture. Their heritage and way of practicing their religion have gone through hundreds of generations from Abraham.


Israel brought their traditions for a long time ago. Many have come to appreciate the beauty that Israel has been described on the land and their culture. They do very well in promoting and express themselves through art forms are different.


This is an aspect that infiltrates and their lifestyle choice and is a major part of the history of Israel.