One of the most important parts of the wheel loader is a small hydraulic system as a failure may affect the overall performance. For this reason, proper maintenance and care are needed to ensure a longer service life and maximum performance and reliability of the system.

Therefore it is important it is to know how to properly maintain the system for maximum efficiency constant hydraulic loader. To get the best hydraulic testing and diagnostics services you may contact us today.

Tips for Maintaining Hydraulic System of Wheel Loader

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Proper and regular maintenance of the hydraulic system not only extends the service life and improve efficiency, but also prevent premature engine damage often and, consequently saving the service and repair costs.

It is important to become familiar and have a proper understanding of the loader such as performance, conditions of service, the structure and working conditions before performing maintenance work on it.

The first 6 months after the purchase of every new loader that is very important to determine its later service life. During this period, regular checks should be done because they are very important depending on the work he does.

You should check and always pay attention to and specifically to issues such as loose connections bolted, the attachment is attached, for example, oil Oil temperature conditions as well as the environment and conditions of service.

The following tests should be performed daily. Check whether there is enough oil in the hydraulic system and also for the normal temperature of oil taking care not to operate at high temperatures.