Eligible families can lease a unit in the private sector if they have a voucher or certificate. They also pay a portion of the rent (based on their income, usually around 30%). The owner pays the remainder of the rent to the local housing authority, subject to a limit known as Fair Market Rent (FMR), which is set by HUD.

Even if the owner charges Section 8 tenants more than FMR for similar units, he cannot charge them more than FMR. Section 8 housing rentals in Hamilton County Ny is one of those programs that landlords don't understand. Section 8 has its pros and cons, but landlords should first understand that accepting section 8 applications is not a requirement.

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Who is Section 8?

1. It was used to allow housing to be opened up that the courts deemed discriminatory in the past.

This case involved a number of families who lived in housing projects and were granted Section 8 vouchers to allow them to move to suburbs as compensation for their substandard housing conditions.

2. Public housing residents are required to be relocated due to rehabilitation or demolition of their public housing units

3. Housing assistance for low-income families or individuals


1. Get in touch with the Govt. Income guidelines

2. Do a criminal background check

You can check online for more info about Section 8 housing.