Engineers design and build several different types of structures, products, and systems that are relevant in everyday lives. There are a series of steps that are taken during the design process such as imaging the design, brainstorming, reviewing, and repeating the process over and over till they find a sound solution. 

Building and structural engineers understand the need, the problems, what has to be accomplished, and understand the requirements and limitations of a project. You can also browse the internet to consult a structural engineer.

Engineers are creative, they investigate the latest methods and technologies to use and analyze, explore and compare various different solutions that best suits a specific design.

Engineers revise and draw new designs in order to improve their products and select a solution that best meets the requirements of the project. Many factors are taken into consideration before a design is implemented such as aesthetics, maintainability, safety and functionality, costs, and others.

Sustainability is also taken into consideration on what impact the development, use, and disposal of a project may have on the planet and the people. In addition, the use of prototypes of a design and feedback from other relevant parties helps speed up the process and also identifies any missing requirements and features. 

These professionals offer consulting, structural designs, engineering drawings, testing, and inspections. Their services also include assessment, certification, and reporting.