These days, many people are familiar with the growing number of people who call themselves vegan. A vegan is someone who does not just refrain from eating meat, but they also abstain from all animal products.

They do not partake things like dairy products and they would avoid any other food or food products that contain animal fat. You can check out vegan skincare products via various online resources.

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But most people do not realize that true vegans also avoid animal-related products in their daily life, including washing and skincare. No horsehair brushes, no animal extracts in makeup, and most importantly, no animal-related products in cleaners or moisturizers.

One popular natural ingredient that is showing up more and more in moisturizers and creams is kukui nut oil. This special and somewhat rare ingredient is derived from the kukui nut and it does wonders for the look of your skin when added to creams and moisturizers.

Sometimes products that are referred to as natural contain chemical additives. Beware! Some of these are falsely advertised. You can check out various online resources if you want to know more about it. Natural skin care may cost a little more, but the results are worth it.