The system administrator must define access rights and software rights. Employees may be assigned additional intangible assets such as a company email address, surveillance identification code, and credentials to access the company intranet.

Companies have created to design an onboarding process to make hiring easier for the HR department. Additional forms may need to be signed to demonstrate that the employee understands safety protocols, anti-bullying guidelines, and other topics covered during orientation.

The inventory control department is assigned to provide several physical items. They can have vastly different waiting times, but all must be shown in time for the first Monday of the new rental. Examples of items requested include identification badges (which must be coded by IT or HR to operate hours and/or access doors to facilities).

Office equipment ranging from large furniture such as chairs to casual items such as staplers must be ready and waiting. Uniforms, equipment, safety equipment, and other necessary items must also be immediately provided.

If there is a social networking portal for the company, then the new employee should be encouraged to fill in the profile and view information about the company. History, mission statement, major goals, and vision for the future of the organization must be communicated effectively from day one.