An email is a universal tool for companies. Knowing the indicators for using this tool will make it the ultimate tool for generating potential customers for your business.

Email marketing automation saves business time by customizing email for specific customer actions. When a new user customer sends them a welcome email and you update your website, send an update email to your target audience and others. Setting up an automated email marketing campaign with powerful tools will help marketers make smart moves.

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Things to do Before Starting an Email Automation Campaign:

1. Lay the groundwork – Before starting any email marketing campaign, you must outline the basics that will help make your campaign successful.

The key moments of this campaign are:

  • General Permit

  • womb

  • segmentation

  • delivery

2. Metrics Monitoring – Ensure that your monitoring metrics are correct.

A report from the Gleansight survey found that when asked what the hardest aspects of marketing automation are, 54% agree with the right monitoring metrics.

3. Understand the type of email – You need to know the type of email before sending it to your subscribers. Group your customers by email as needed.

There are two types of email used in business life – promotional emails and transactional emails. The name can identify the promotional email. These emails can be used to send offers and promote your business products and services. Transactional email to send information letters. This email is used to notify customers about their accounts.