Ammonia volatilisation from poultry litter  often results in high concentrations of atmospheric ammonia, which negatively impacts bird productivity, increases susceptibility to respiratory diseases in poultry, and is harmful to agricultural workers and the environment.

Direct fed microbials are naturally beneficial microorganisms that have been shown to benefit animal health and productivity when given in appropriate amounts.

direct fed microbials

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DFM has been shown to improve the overall gut health and efficiency of poultry, reduce the incidence of pathogens associated with food safety and necrotic enteritis, and can be easily and continuously fed through.

In this study, Bacillus spore-based DFM was shown to reduce ammonia volatilisation from the feces of treated poultry. Broilers were raised in an isolation unit and fed 106 spores / g for two weeks. The manure is then collected and analyzed for ammonia volatilisation , spore concentration, and moisture content. 

The fecal moisture content in the treatment group was reduced by 30% compared to the control group, which may partly explain the decrease in ammonia volatility. This study shows that multiple DFMs can provide a robust and continuous method for controlling ammonia volatilisation in poultry litter.

Provia prime is a class based on bacillus direct-fed microbials (DFM), which has been shown to promote beneficial gut bacteria that can help boost immunity, strengthen gut health, and act as a natural growth stimulator. 

Provia prime direct microbial product that helps optimize the gut microbiome for improved health, immunity and productivity of poultry.