When an organization tries to apply a systematic inventory management process or try to improve existing, real-life tactical questions arise about what functions of this process and who should do what happens on a day -Day base. 

The following list offers one way to break the process into a functional field of responsibility that should have all or some reporting responsibilities to the person responsible for organizational material management. You can get all your integration in one place to manage all your business operations in one place.

Depending on the total value of inventory, the importance of inventory management, and organizational size, this role can be fulfilled by clergy or managerial staff, but the importance of function must be very important for management up.

Inventory quantity management (usually report directly to material management)

  • Maintain the location of the master location in an ERP system
  • Verify master items in the ERP system
  • Perform/monitor all inventory transaction processing: problems and acceptance
  • Develop and do a cycle calculation program

Inventory assessment management (usually report directly to accounting)

  • Perform the cost of standard items and cost roll-up costs
  • Track and Validation of the last cost and average cost updates
  • Continue to ensure valid inventory values throughout the system for all inventory items
  • Analysis of cost variants and update standard fees regularly
  • Integrate with Inventory Quantity Management, Purchases, Engineering and Operations

Purchasing/vendor management (usually report directly to material management)

  • Review and maintain an open purchase order for the required adjustment
  • Make and maintain new purchase orders per material requirements
  • Create and maintain new purchase orders per external service requirements
  • Make sure the need for materials before the purchase order is made