Cross-docking is a system that relies on speed and agility and is normally used in hub-and-spoke operations. In short, is the shipment and receiving of goods by bypassing the storage facility. In the process of cutting out the need for a storage facility, inventory can move quickly from one end of the supply chain to the other. It is a fairly simplistic way of handling inventory that involves loading and unloading inventory from an incoming truck onto an outboard truck. During cross-docking storage time varies. However, most experts would agree that anything less than two days can be considered cross-docking. In some cases staging also takes place. If you are looking to find the best dry van trailer services in Surrey then contact us. 

There are many benefits of using cross-docking services. It minimizes material handling to a great extent. It also reduces our reliance on warehouses, as we do not have to depend on a warehouse for storing products. Logistics firms utilizing this docking operation have found a considerable reduction in labor costs. The reason is that the products do not need to be stored in warehouses anymore. One of its greatest benefits is that no storage facility is needed for storing any inbound material. Opting for storage services becomes inevitable during certain situations.