These are some of the health benefits associated with apple cider mixed drinks.

Diabetes – Several studies have suggested that apple cider mixed drinks may help lower glucose levels. A study found that consuming two tablespoons of cider spice mix before bed resulted in glucose levels that were about 5% lower than normal. 

Obesity – One study showed that people who ate bread with small amounts of apple cider mixed drink felt fuller than those who ate just the bread. 

Apple Cider

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Cholesterol – Studies using rats have shown that apple cider mixed drinks may lower blood cholesterol levels. Apple cider mixed drink has also been shown to lower blood pressure but again, the studies were limited to rats.

A large observational study showed that those who ate salads with oil-and-apple cider mixed drink dressing at least five times per week had lower heart disease rates than others. It's almost impossible to prove that vinegar was responsible for the lower rates of heart disease in large-scale studies. 

The theory is that apple cider mixed drinks could have an adverse effect on medicines used for heart disease and diabetes. It has also been suggested that apple cider mixed drinks might lower potassium levels and decrease bone density. You can even search online for more information about apple cider mixed drinks.