Car sharing is an alternative to owning a car. As a member or user of a car sharing service, you can rent a car by the minute, hour or day. 

To be able to use car sharing, you need a valid means of payment and your SIM and ID validated by the car sharing service in Singapore. 

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How is car sharing helping our city?

Reduced congestion: Since car sharing can only be used in one direction (such as driving an event car and returning by train), it reduces traffic on the road

More throws: 1 car together = 15 cars alone in terms of throws

Less air pollution: Car-sharing companies are more likely to offer green cars (hybrid or 100% electric cars)

Here are some different types of car sharing

Free floating or one-way sharing car: This model is for trips from A to B. Free car sharing is available throughout the city. You can pick up the car and drop it off anywhere within the designated business area. You book and open a car with your app and once done you terminate your rental with the app. Includes insurance, parking and petrol.

Stationary or bi-directional car sharing: This type of car sharing is a little different. Say it goes from A to B to A. You pick up the vehicle at a certain station and when you are ready you have to return it at the same station. A train station is essentially an unattended self-service place, usually a street.

Collision Damage Waivers

These waivers cover damages to the car within the event of an accident. this is often important because without it, if something happens to the car while you're renting it, you'll be financially liable for repairing or replacing it. this is often occasionally a part of the automated insurance and factored into the value of the rental, so make certain to ask your car rental company.

Supplemental insurance

Supplemental insurance covers people in wrecks during which you're ruled to be guilty. Most states require insurance of some kind, but you'll want to think about additional supplemental insurance coverage so as to possess a lower deductible within the event of an accident.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance works similarly to supplemental insurance within the sorts of things it covers, but rather than covering people within the event of an accident, it covers you and your passengers within the event of an accident. As mentioned previously, any medical insurance you have already got may cover you, so this might be a needless addition to your coverage.

One thing to stay in mind though is that your personal accident insurance would kick in when the coverage you've got from medical insurance drops off. So, while you'll be covered, you will possibly want to think about the extra protection if you'll afford it. a touch extra for the trip may prevent thousands or more later. 

Personal Effects Coverage

Personal effects coverage protects you and your stuff just in case your items are stolen from the rental vehicle. you'll be reimbursed for your items if you lose them this manner.

This coverage and protection are good if you recognize you'll have valuable property in your rental car. If you recognize it's just getting to be you and therefore the wallet you retain on your person within the vehicle, this coverage might not be for you.