The capsule polisher and sorter can be used to polish, sort, and eliminate static charges. You can get rid of any fragments, loose particles, or capsules that are extremely light. 

There are many types of capsule polisher machine like C&C100A capsule polisher, C&C100 capsule polisher, and sorter, C&C100C uphill capsule polishing machine, C&C100CS capsule polish machine as well as CS capsule sorting machine.

capsule polisher machine

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The capsule polisher is compact and ergonomic in design. It requires minimal space to install, while still preserving the integrity of the capsule.

Each capsule polisher is designed to work well for extended hours. The capsule sorter and polisher can also be used in conjunction with other equipment such as the metallic detector and capsule filling machinery.

It is simple to assemble and disassemble the machine, attach the brush, and use a fast joint system. This eliminates any downtime during capsule filling. This is apart from the updated technology of the capsule polish machine.

The capsule sorter and polisher have some unique features

The machine has many features:

  • It was made in conjunction with the CGMP structure, which is made from steel metal.
  • This machine uses the most current technology in various industries.
  • The design of the capsule sorting and polishing machine was simple

There are many benefits to pharma companies from the use of the machine:

  • Production at a low cost
  • The pharmaceutical industry can adapt to these machines for better returns.
  • Because it is so expensive, the result can't be manually achieved.