Feminized and Non-Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you visit a seed bank, a pharmacy, or an online store, you will most likely have the choice to choose between feminine and non-feminine cannabis seeds.

Feminine seeds are seeds that have undergone a process that ensures that they are planted only with female hemp plants.

Many farmers prefer feminized seeds because they almost guarantee that they are all female. To get marijuana clones you can also contact licensed grow facility in California.

However, it is possible that the seed being demineralized can turn into hermaphrodite, meaning that the plant contains male and female characteristics.

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Cannabis plants can produce seeds for women and men if they experience the natural pollination process and conventional propagation methods.

These seeds are usually referred to as "normal seeds". When this species is used, breeders can expect a 50/50 chance that each seed will produce female plants.

If you have never planted marijuana and want to start with seeds, try starting with feminine seeds to avoid the complications that come with the presence of male plants and hermaphrodites.

Seed auto-flowering (Cannabis ruderalis hybrids)

Cannabis ruderalis is believed to be a sub-species of cannabis that contains very little THC but a lot of cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabis ruderalis is also more often used by breeders because of its auto-flowering ability, which is more important.

Some breeders cross their crops with rudabis Cannabis, short cannabis plants, and grafted to produce auto-flowering seeds.

Cannabis ruderalis develops according to their genetic schedule based on age and not based on a well-illuminated light cycle. The healing properties of ruderal cannabis and the high CBD content have motivated farmers to focus more on this specific strain.