Marijuana is a composition of the dried leaves and inflorescence of the plant Cannabis Sativa also called the Indian hemp. It may either be green, brown, or gray. You can also visit get the best quality cannabis online.

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Marijuana refers to the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant which is smoked. The resin produced by the flowering tops contains about 10-25% of THC and the oil-based plant extract of the cannabis plant called hash oil contains about 25-60% of THC. Smoking is the commonest method of consumption of cannabis.

Long-Term Health Effects of Marijuana:

Chronic cannabis use has been associated with a variety of conditions. Some of the common effects of long term cannabis use include:

• Long term use of pot can cause memory problems. It can also lead to psychosis in patients with schizophrenia. Chronic use of cannabis like other drugs can reduce social interaction and lead to the isolation of the individual thus impacting personal and work life. Apart from these problems cannabis use may also lead to increased rates of depression and anxiety, but concrete evidence is lacking.

• Smoking Marijuana is the commonest method of consumption. Pot smokers usually inhale deep and retain smoke for a longer period of time in an effort to maximize the absorption of THC. This can lead to chronic bronchial irritation. Although there is no direct evidence linking cannabis to cancer, tobacco use is usually concurrent and hence the rates of lung cancer are more.

• Cannabis was traditionally considered a soft drug, a drug with low addiction potential. But due to the increasing use of cannabis and the increase in potency of pot smoked over the years, the addiction potential of this drug are being realized.