Due to the regular and routine use of mammography screening, you find the majority of breast cancers at an early stage. You detect them before the signs actually appear. However, mammography won't be able to find all breast cancers. 

It's a noteworthy fact that the warning signs of breast cancer signs vary from one woman to another. The most common cancer signs indicate a change in the feel or look of the breast, or a change in the feel or look of your nipple. All these signs can cause spontaneous nipple discharge.

Fundamentally, if you experience any warning signs, consult your healthcare provider without delay. If you don't have a doctor, one of the best ways to get a good assessment is to get a recommendation or referral from a friend or a trusted family member. 

If you see the hard knot, lump, or thickening portion inside your breast or in your underarm area, you need to consult your physician. The other signs are warmth, swelling, darkening, or redness of the breast. 

There can be a change in the shape or size of the breast with puckering or dimpling of the skin. It's best to detect it at an early stage because the survival chances are at their peak during this time.