All you have to realize the fact that the brake is an important safety feature enough for the car and that's why the screeching brakes can easily cause the driver to panic.

Sometimes the squeaky brakes can be a cause of genuine concern as it may indicate that the brake we will be poor and at other times there may be no reason to worry. You can check this source: Car Brake Service-Brake Replacement & Maintenance- West Ryde if you are looking for Professional Brake Service. 

However, it should be noted here that a certain sound of car brakes quite normal and is caused by different driving conditions. For example, conditions such as heavy braking, dusty or sandy conditions or even humidity can cause a variety of sounds from the car brakes.

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Some common causes of brake screeching in the car are as follows:

Rust on the rotor: It is very common and it has been seen that the car brake discs have a tendency to squeak when they are parked in the open air all night.

Most brakes squeak after sitting overnight due to moisture from rain or dew condensation collects on the surface of the rotor.

When there is moisture on the surface of the rotor, a thin layer of rust forms on the surface. A squeaking sound will continue until the rust is removed from the rotor.

Brake Pads: Another cause squeaking brakes can be thinned brake pads. This usually occurs when the brake pads are worn out and have become very thin. In fact, this is an effective warning that the brake pads are in poor condition and needs to be replaced to avoid any untoward incidents on the road.

High Metal Content: It has been shown that high concentrations of metals in brake pads also cause squeaking sounds. However, it is natural that there is some amount of metal in the brake pads but some inexpensive varieties are produced with high metal content. In fact, a large piece of metal embedded in the pad material. The result is that a large chunk of metal drag on the rotor and causes the brakes to squeak when the car is moving.