Fresh seafood is considered a true delicacy by a great many people around the world; especially for those that live in locations far removed from the ocean.

It not only possesses a delicate yet delightful flavor, but it is also one of the healthiest sources of proteins and oils available in a natural form. It is a staple of many traditional cultural diets and is recognized world-wide as an important source of nutrition. You can also get best seafood service at restaurants in Circular Quay, Sydney.

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A local fish market is the ideal place in which to find the best in fresh seafood. These markets are easy to find if you live near a coast line. Most major metropolitan areas include at least one dedicated fish market, but in areas that do not, fresh fish can often be found at a local grocery store.

As previously mentioned, however, a coastal fish market is by far the best place to find the freshest in fish, and other seafood. These markets specialize in providing seafood to consumers that was quite literally pulled from the water less than 24 hours before it was placed on the shelf. 

Many of them also run websites that allow those who do not live near the ocean to order whatever they desire, and have it shipped directly to the home. This allows landlocked seafood lovers to experience the wonderful tastes and smells of fresh seafood without having to travel long distances.

Fish and seafood has been a longtime staple of the human diet, for nearly every culture on earth. As such, there are hundreds of recipes and cooking methods to choose from when cooking seafood.