A misconception arises where there is a lack of knowledge or evidence. Indonesia is one of those countries that face many misconceptions even today. In fact, the tourism of Indonesia allows this country to compete with some of the best countries in the world. Just because your neighbor or stranger had a bad experience in Indonesia does not necessarily mean you are also going to face the same. If you’re traveling to Indonesia, then these are a few misconceptions you should know.

  1. It is an Islamic Country – Indonesia is a country where the majority of the locals belong to the Muslim community. However, that doesn’t mean that the country follows the Islamic rule completely. In fact, the laws of Indonesia are created with a mixture of 6 different religions.
  2. It is in Bali – Bali is one of the best places that attract tons of tourists from all over the world. Illiterate or amateur travelers believe that Indonesia belongs to Bali. In fact, it is the other way around. Moreover, Bali is one of the provinces of Indonesia.
  3. Clothes – When it comes to clothes, many people believe that Indonesians only wear conventional clothes. Locals especially women who belong to the Muslim community are supposed to wear conventional clothes that cover their bodies from head to toe. But other locals who follow different religions are allowed to wear western clothes from skirts to jeans to tops. Just ensure that you wear decent clothes while visiting a few religious places in Indonesia.

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