A non-disclosure agreement will be signed on particular between your company and other company or employee. There are many sites that provide the templates om non-disclousre template on their sites. You can visit some sites to have a look at some non disclosure contract samples.

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Purpose: The Company1 and Company 2 wish to investigate a mutual interest business opportunity and in connection with that opportunity, implement this Privacy Agreement ("Agreement").

1. Confidential information: Confidential information is any information provided to a party orally, in writing, or through examination of intangable or tangable objects, including but not limited to documents,source code,  business plans, documentation, software,  marketing plans, customer lists, financial analysis, customer names, customer data. 

Confidential information can also include information disclosed to a party by a third party on the disclosing party's instructions. However, Confidential Information must not contain any information that the Receiving Party may determine (i) to be publicly available and available to the public prior to the time of disclosure; (ii) becomes public and, upon disclosure, becomes publicly available without the act or inaction of the recipient; or (iii) held by the acquiring party without any confidentiality restrictions at the time of declaration by the disclosing party, as seen from the acquiring party's files and records immediately prior to disclosure.

2. Non-use and confidentiality: The receiving party promises to use confidential information only for evaluation and participation in discussions about possible business relationships between the parties. The recipient promises not to disclose confidential information to third parties or their employees, except for employees who must have this information in order to evaluate planned business relationships or to take part in discussions about it.