Newcastle asbestos

Everyone knows that asbestos is deadly and dangerous. That’s what got is banned in construction materials. But, in case, your home was built before 1990, it may contain asbestos in any form. Breathing in this substance can cause long-term, life-threatening, and serious health conditions. Here are the major health risks that asbestos can cause.

  1. Asbestosis: Breathing in asbestos fibres causes lung scarring and chronic inflammation. Signs include breath shortness, chest pain, and cough. It can cause other serious problems like cancer. The problem is generally seen in people who work around asbestos. Although not deadly, the condition will become worse the more you breathe in asbestos.
  2. Mesothelioma: It is a type of cancer generally caused due to breathing in asbestos fibres. The tumours develop on the lining of the heart, abdomen, and lungs. This health condition has a huge mortality rate. The life expectancy of its patients is almost 12 months after treatment.
  3. Lung cancer: Breathing in asbestos fibres radically enhances your chances of growing lung cancer with several other cancers. There is some connection between asbestosis and lung cancer. For people who died from asbestosis, lung cancer has been discovered in their post-mortem report.

It is legal to remove ten square meters of asbestos fibres yourself. But you shouldn’t take the risk of doing it yourself. It increases the risk of chronic conditions and cancer. Thus, to effectively remove asbestos in Newcastle, you should take help from professionals.


Asbestos is a strong material that is used for many construction purposes for its tensile strength. It is a strong, heart resistant material that is used for making this conducting buildings and making flyovers. The benefit of asbestos is that it is a long lasting material that gives long life to buildings.

When creating buildings with asbestos is so common, its removal and deconstruction can be a mammoth task to take up to. Asbestos removal requires supervision and expertise in order to remove asbestos and carry out excavation tasks smoothly. Asbestos can be hazardous to the health as it has micro fibers which when inhaled can damage the lungs and cause serious respiratory problems. Hence asbestos removal in Newcastle NSW should be done by only the experts who will consider the aspects of the task well before beginning the task.

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