There are ample amounts of animals in the wild that can damage your property. Although some animals are more prevalently seen, such as squirrels, over-looked as a threat, this is not the case.

Many wild animals can affect the welfare of our property and even the structural makeup of our homes. Continue reading to learn which animals to keep an eye on, and what areas of your home to watch. You can also head to to hire animal control professionals.

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Bats are animals that can cause extensive damage to property. They prefer to nest in small dark areas; such as attics, crawl spaces, tile, garage, and cracks are the same.

Their nesting habits of a mess, as well as their droppings. Just like starlings, bat droppings also made a fungus that causes histoplasmosis.

It is a dangerous disease that affects the lungs and respiratory system. Not only can bat infestations endangering your property, it can potentially cause infection and disease in people as well.


Many birds migrate to parts of the USA and compete for habitat here. Different migrated birds have difficulty integrating with the local bird community; so instead, they use residential and commercial real estate as their residence.

They will nest in small areas, such as drainages, under the roof shingles, crawl spaces, air conditioning vents and more.

Animals such as bats, pigeons and starlings can make a big mess of your home or office if they are in your town. They are abundant, which means they come in large numbers, rather than the small herd.