If you’ve purchased a new boat, then congratulations as now comes the important part on items that should always be there. These are a set of items your boat should always have on board that will keep you and your friends or family safe at all times during your boating trip.

  1. Life Jacket – This is a life-saving item every boat owner should keep on board their boat. There are shops that sell life jackets comprising of different sizes for all ages. Therefore, make sure you invest in the correct size life jacket to keep you and your guests safe during your boating trip.
  2. First Aid Kit – On board a boat or not, a first aid kit is mandatory from various scratches, bruises, cuts and burns. Make sure there is one first aid kit kept on board the boat to be on the safer side.
  3. Additional Rope – For docking and towing, it’s always best to carry an additional rope.
  4.  Sharp Knife – Keeping a sharp knife helps you in cutting unwanted rope. Make sure you keep the knife out of reach from children.
  5. Flare Gun – In case you are stranded and don’t have radio signal to communicate for help, then a flare gun is a great option. All you do is aim at the sky on an angle and shoot. Someone will be able to see the flare whether if it’s during the day or night.

These are some of the items your boat should always have. In order to witness the best possible boating experience, consider investing in Australian made aluminium boats.