There are numerous types of alternative dispute resolutions, which include a method that uses an independent third party to simplify and smooth the negotiation process. One key thing to keep in mind is that this facilitator cannot have a vested interest in either party. If you are looking for ADR services, you can search for the best ADR services over the internet.

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It's recommended that you seek out a legal professional that is properly trained in the mediation process; otherwise, it will be increasingly difficult and tedious working toward a mutually agreeable solution.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution is a less costly, quick, and practical way of finding the solution to your issue with an auto shipper. 

There are three main types of Alternative Dispute Resolution:

1. Ombuds Assistance: The fastest and frequently requested Alternative Dispute Resolution service is the Ombuds assistance. The ADR staff quickly reviews the information provided by both parties, analyzes thoroughly, and recommends solutions. The Ombuds assistance is helpful for resolving cargo shipment, household, or cruise passenger issues.

2. Mediation: The complicated cases, which require a larger solution and in-depth discussion, are registered under the ADR Mediation program.

3. Arbitration: The Alternative Dispute Resolution Department also offers arbitration services for those who want a more traditional proceeding without going to court. Both parties present their documents and evidence at the hearing. 

In the arbitration services, the jury decides according to the provided evidence. In addition, the parties will have to accept the decision and no right to sue in court.