The alternative health field is a phenomenon of the growing importance so it is important for anyone who is interested in this type of health care to know how to choose a naturopathic doctor.

The interest in using alternative health care modalities has created a demand for trained professionals in the field. One can get to know about massage therapist in Pickering via an online search. 

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If you are interested in finding a naturopathic doctor, here are some tips that can help you make a wise choice when looking for professional, alternative health professionals.

1. NDS can be found by checking with organizations like the American Holistic Health Association. Coalition for Natural Health also other organizations that can provide information about the ND licensed in your area.

2. When you find ND in your area, always check to see if it has a state license that is now recognized.

3. Find someone who has actually been to ND if possible, because of personal referrals are always very helpful in determining whether you will be interested in scheduling a visit.

4. Always find out how long it has been practiced ND. As with any profession, the longer they have been in the profession, physicians are better is they may be.

5. On your first visit, please do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions about the philosophy, treatment modalities, and tools for diagnosis. Also, be careful to see if the practitioner is open and honest with the answer rather than defensive or dismissive.

6. If you decide to try a particular therapy or natural medicine is prescribed, be sure to check with your GP to ensure that there are no concerns overlap with parallel treatment.

7. If possible, get a lot of background information on the ND like holistic medicine, certification status and if there are outstanding legal issues that are still pending.


Acupuncture is a method that originated in China more than 5000 years ago. This is a holistic practice based on the belief in releasing clogged energy or "chi" in living things.

These energy lines circulate through twelve invisible energy lines known as the body's meridian lines. Each meridian is associated with a different organ system in your body so inserting a needle in each of these meridians reduces the disease associated with that meridian point.

What can acupuncture do?

Usually, people suffer from illness when energy is blocked in the meridians. When the needle is inserted into specific points along the meridian line, the flow of balanced energy is returned.  You can book your appointment for acupuncture treatment. 

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Acupuncture works effectively because the needle stimulates the release of pain relief endorphins into the body, affects the release of neurotransmitters and also enhances the work of the autonomic nervous system.

By affecting the electrical current in the body, acupuncture also increases blood circulation throughout the body.

School of acupuncture therapy

The acupuncture therapy school provides acupuncture training courses for all practitioners. These courses help them to do various acupuncture treatments to reduce diseases in humans. The school of acupuncture therapy teaches acupuncturists to perform a number of treatments such as acupuncture with needles and acupuncture without needles.

Acupuncture with needles includes healing disorders such as head and neck pain, migraine, cervical spondylitis, Azoospermia, urinary genitor systems such as bedwetting in children, sore throat, earache, depression, arthritis, deafness, deafness, schizophrenia and skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and hair loss. Sometimes the needles are electrified to produce better results. It also helps in curing smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction.