To be competitive today, architects, contractors, developers and owners need to do more with far less. For that reason, many construction professionals are considering online construction management software. Such web-based software can help contractors and architects make decisions faster, automate documentation and reduce costs.

Here are some of the main benefits of online construction project management software.

Current information: The latest information can be provided on the web without the need for direct contact with major individuals. Users get real-time views of the latest information, reduce delays. The system maintains a dating log from each online document such as information requests (RFI), shipping material samples and installation images, archive changes in construction (CCD), additional information architects (ASIs) and similar construction documents, eliminates confusion about whether users (or when) receive information.

Increased accuracy: Information can be included in the source and no need to be retrieved. For example, field supervisors can enter RFI questions using a simple online form. RFI is delivered to engineers or architects, who can answer questions online. The information becomes immediately available for others who need it. All users see identical information, allowing to solve problems quickly.

Reducing workload: Construction team members can obtain information needed (such as answers to RFI) faster, helping them complete the project in a timely manner. Construction staff do not need to constantly expand and reformat the contract administration spreadsheet, the time consuming process and prone to errors.