The protective paint film is one of the most popular automotive paint protection products. It is considered the main protection face from any damage caused while painting the car.

Car paint protection film is a transparent film that serves as a protection to preserve the paint on the car. PPF is a thick, thermoplastic urethane film used to protect your car's original paint from scratches, stones, and dirt. You can get the 3M Xpel Protection Services in Edmonton via the web.

3m paint protection film

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This is a type of permanent film that can be applied to the entire car or painted surfaces, mirrors, and headlights. This does not affect the light intensity.

1. Resists external/environmental damage

UV rays and environmental influences make colors fade. It looks older than the original, but the PPF car ensures your vehicle is protected from climate, bird droppings, weather, etc.

2. Invisible protection for your car

The best thing about 3M PPF is that it's completely transparent, nobody can see the layer. This enhances the appearance of the car and always makes it look shiny. As long as you don't avoid using harsh detergents, your appearance will be maintained.

3. Make your car look new and shiny

This permanent automatic PPF coating prevents the paint from fading. And enhance the look of your car to have a shiny finish. A PPF car will always help it keep looking new and shiny.