The procedure for charging each lithium-ion cell and a full lithium-ion battery is slightly different. A Li-ion cell is charged in two stages: direct current (CC) and constant voltage (CV). 

Lithium-ion batteries charge in three stages: direct current, equilibrium, and constant voltage. You can also get buy samsung lithium ion battery online through various online sites.

Samsung 18650 Lithium Ion Cell

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During the DC phase, the charger applies DC to the battery at an increasing voltage until it reaches the cell voltage limit.

During the balancing phase, the charger reduces the charging current (or activates on and off to reduce the average current), while the charge level of the individual cells is brought to the same level by the balancing circuit when the battery is balanced. 

Some fast chargers skip this step while others strike a balance by charging each cell individually.

During the DC phase, the charger applies a voltage to the battery equal to the maximum cell voltage multiplied by the number of cells connected in series, as the current gradually drops to zero while the current falls below a set threshold of approximately 3% of the starting direct current.

A typical electric car (60 kWh battery) takes just under eight hours to charge from a fully charged 7 kW charge point. Many electric cars can cover up to 100 miles in about 35 minutes using a fast 50 kW charger