When looking to purchase a house, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The three most important features to look for are the size and layout of the house, the condition of the property, and the neighborhood. 

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When it comes to size, be sure to consider both the square footage of the house as well as its location. If you're looking for a large space to call your own, go for a suburban or rural home. However, if you're looking for more convenience and city living, go for a smaller home in an urban area. 

Layout is also important. Be sure to ask about the floor plan so you can decide whether or not it's what you're looking for. And finally, take into account the neighborhood. Make sure that you feel comfortable 

Here are few important features to look for:

1. A Safe Location: The first thing you need to consider when looking for a house is the location. Make sure the house is located in a safe area. Look for neighborhoods that have low crime rates, and check the crime report for the area before making an offer.

2. A Well-Maintained Home: Another important consideration when buying a house is the condition of the home. Make sure the home has been well-maintained over the past year or two.

A chain-link fence is a great way of creating boundaries around a location like your yard while still keeping the space open and being able to see all around. If you are looking for something to provide seclusion then a chain-link fence is probably not the best choice for you unless you are going to plant hedging along the fence. But by itself, a chain-link fence is very poor for seclusion as it is so open.

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Installing a chain-link fence may be quite pricey if you get a professional to do it but with a little assistance, it is something that you can do by yourself. Here are a couple of tips to help you install a chain link fence of your own.

Required Tools:


-Post hole digger

-Carpenter's level

-Strong string and stakes

Required Materials:


-Top rails

-Terminal Posts

-Line posts


-Tension bars

-Tension bands

-Terminal post caps

-Loop caps

-Brace bands

-Carriage bolts

-Wire ties

As with all other home improvement projects, the first step when installing a chain-link fence is to check if you need any building and zoning permits before you install your fence. Once this is worked out you may start. Use string and stakes to mark out the area where the fence will run. Find your underground utilities and stake out the place they are in so you do not interfere with them.

Use the post hole digger to dig holes 8-10 inches wide with an even bottom and not a rounded one, in other words, the posts must rest level in the hole. Plant your terminal posts first (corner, end, and gate posts) and use the cement to keep them in position. Use the level to guarantee that the posts are straight and level.

Next, dig holes for the line posts a maximum of 10 feet apart, between the terminal posts, 4 inches shorter than the terminal posts and cement them into place too; see to it that they are also straight.