Cutting boards are key in making sure your kitchen stays healthy and organized and finding the best cutting board for you can seem non-intuitive. When it comes to choosing the best cutting board for your kitchen, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

One of the most important factors is the material that the cutting block is made out of. While some boards are made from wood, others are made from plastic or other materials. Another thing to consider is the size of the board. Some boards are smaller than others, which can make them more convenient to use. And finally, you should make sure that the cutting board is easy to clean.

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Depending on what kind of kitchen you have, different cutting boards might be better suited for specific tasks. For example, a horizontal cutting board is often better for slicing meats or vegetables because it's wide and the knife sits closer to the edge.

A coring knife is also great for cutting soft fruit like strawberries or pineapple because its curved blade helps to cut through the skin without damaging the fruit itself. If you need to chop vegetables or fruits, a chopping or slicing board with a raised lip can help keep your fingers safe and prevent slips.

And if you do a lot of baking, a non-stick baking mat is a must-have accessory for your cutting board – otherwise, your cakes and cookies will stick to the surface and be difficult to cut. Whatever type of kitchen you have, it's important to find a cutting board that fits your needs and style. 


There are a few different reasons why you might want to hire a cool room. One reason is that it can be a great way to keep your employees comfortable and healthy in the summertime. When it's hot outside, it can be hard for them to concentrate on their work. A cool room can help them stay comfortable and focused, even when it's hot outside. If you are interested in hiring a mobile coolroom in Perth, visit



Refrigerated coolers are the most popular type because they keep food and beverages cold for extended periods of time. They can hold up to 24 cans, which is more than enough for most businesses. However, refrigerated coolers can be quite expensive to buy and maintain.

Non-refrigerated coolers are cheaper and easier to use, but they don't keep food or beverages cold for as long as refrigerated coolers do. They can hold up to 12 cans, which is enough for most businesses. However, non-refrigerated coolers don't have the same level of insulation as refrigerated coolers do, so they can be less durable in extreme temperatures.


One of the biggest reasons to consider hiring a mobile coolroom is cost. Coolrooms can be very affordable, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance.


Another reason to consider hiring a mobile coolroom is the price. Mobile coolrooms can be very cost-effective, especially if you need to use them occasionally. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on rental fees or monthly expenses.


Finally, mobile coolrooms are convenient. They can be moved where you need them, which makes them perfect for businesses that need to quickly respond to changing needs.