Although yeast supplements are difficult to assess due to their slow action, they have proven to be one of the most reliable and cost-effective feed ingredients and have increased productivity. Live yeast can increase feed conversion efficiency by 5 to 15%. This yields 1 to 2 liters of milk per cow.

This is often accompanied by other benefits such as improved milk quality, fertility, body condition, and general health of livestock.

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What does yeast do?

It has been extensively studied that the way live yeast works is to extract oxygen from the stomach and remove lactate. Yellow microbes are very sensitive to oxygen. Adding live yeast to the stomach can quickly remove oxygen and increase microbial activity. Yeast alters the microbial population of the stomach, stimulating the growth and activity of bacteria that use lactic acid and digest fiber.

Yeast to feed dairy cows

To get the best benefits from yeast during the transition period, early lactation and when cows are most susceptible to it, it is recommended that yeast be added to the cow's diet at least three weeks before calving. Continue to feed the cow during lactation.

The yield of dairy yeast farm

A number of studies show the positive effects of eating yeast. A team of veterinarians from Valcourt Farms, Dorset used Yea-Sacc in 2004 to demonstrate the long-term benefits of yeast supplements.

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