From tea manufacturers to suppliers, and even tea drinkers, everyone will tell you that just buying the right kind is not enough. It is imperative to understand how to brew the various kinds of teas that are available in the market. 

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So follow these quick pointers to find out how you can brew the perfect cup:

The Type of Tea: 

When you are buying tea, you will need to understand that buying tea and learning how to brew it go hand in hand. So ensure that you know what kind of tea you are buying and do plenty of research as to how it needs to be brewed.

The Material of Your Teapot: 

The material of your teapot also has a large bearing on the way your tea tastes. That is stored in a silver or brass teapot will acquire a different taste, while tea that has been stored and served from a bone china teapot will have a more refined and organic taste that will not be so heavily altered. 

So choose your teapot with care before you decide to brew your tea. Your tea supplier will be able to show you teapots that he or she may have stocked for various kinds of teas.